With a loving heart He cares for us

YAHWEH-YASHA, our Father

With a firm hand He rules over us

He’s YAHWEH-YASHA, our King


With a giving hand He filled our needs

YAHWEH-YASHA, our Provider

Such a kind heart, He died for us

He’s YAHWEH-YASHA, our Saviour


Hallowed be your holy name

You take away our sin and pain

Blessed is the One, we pray your will be done


With a mighty hand He holds onto us

YAHWEH-YASHA, our Protector

With a fair hand He will judge us

He’s YAHWEH-YASHA, our God


102. You Need Me


Every day that you live you need Me by your side

To be your courage and your strength

Till I come for My bride

Your feet must not stumble

Your steps must be true

For the way is so narrow you must carefully pass through

I’m YAHWEH-YASHA, your Father

You need Me everyday

Make your lives to Me pleasing

And I’ll treasure you always


103. Hosanna!


Hosanna to YAHWEH-YASHA!

Blessed is the King who is coming to Jerusalem

Through the mouths of babes and children

You have perfected praise

We were once not a people

But now we’re a chosen race


Hosanna to the Highest!

Blessed is the King who is coming to Jerusalem

You have laid a stone in Zion, a precious cornerstone

We’re like sheep that have gone astray

Who have come back home


Hosanna to the Son of God!

Blessed is the King who is coming to Jerusalem

Glory to God in heaven

And on earth, good will to men

May your name be held holy

Your will be done and your kingdom come


104. You Are The Lamb


Oh, you are the Lamb that was slain

From the foundation of the world

That God so loved the sinner, He sent His only Son

To you belong glory and wisdom

All riches, honor and power

Your blood has redeemed a people

From every race and tongue


Oh, you are the Lamb that was slain

From the foundation of the world

You have called from the Gentiles

A people for your name

To you belongs all worship

Blessing, strength and praise

Your rule is everlasting

Your kingdom shall never end


105. Glory To YAHWEH-YASHA


 When you come back again

And we will stand before your throne

And we look upon the Lamb who died for us

If we hear you say, “Well done,

Thou good and faithful friend”

We’ll praise your name

And join that heavenly chorus


After ten thousand years

We’ll not grow old of praising you

And we’ll sing with angels of your saving grace

And when we walk on streets of gold

With those who’ve gone before

We’ll shout for joy

Just to know we’ve won the race


And we’ll sing glory, glory, glory


You made the universe, yet died for us

You’re worthy



106. I Want To Please You, Master


I want to please you, Master

In all I say and all I do

I want to be in the heartbeat of your will

And I know my life you’ll fill

With happiness and joy

I want to please you, Master

I love you more each passing day

I want you to be Lord of my life

I will follow and obey


107. Reach Out


Reach out to the One who came and died for you

He’s passing by, great things He’ll do

Just seek His face and He’ll transform your life anew

Tell Him that you need Him now and always will

Open up your heart and let Him fill you

With His love and with His peace

Just reach out to the One who died for you


108. Take Up Your Cross


Take up your cross and follow Me

Come out from among them and be holy

Love not the world or the things of this life

And I will receive you

You will walk with Me in white

Present your bodies as a living sacrifice

Walk not in darkness, but as children of light


My little children, you are pilgrims in this life

Your home is in heaven where there is no sin or strife

To be My disciples, you must keep My commands

Remember someday you will see the Son of Man

Just keep My sayings and your lives will be blessed

You will be counted worthy

You will never see death


109. YAHWEH’S Laws Are Perfect


YAHWEH’s laws are perfect

They protect us and make us wise

YAHWEH’s laws are perfect

Giving us joy and light

His laws are pure and eternal

More desirable than gold

Sweet as honey from the honeycomb

Are His promises of old


YAHWEH’s laws are perfect

They warn us from all harm

We will be more than blessed

Taking heed to His Word

So let the meditation of our hearts

And all our spoken words

Be pleasing unto our YASHA

In all we say or do


Oh, how great is YAHWEH-YASHA

How perfect in every way

He’s a shield for everyone who hides behind Him

He’ll give us strength wherever we go

To scale any wall

You’ve given us salvation

As on your holy name we call


110. The Love Of God


How unfathomable is the love of God

Your hand reached down from the heavens above

Into the hearts and lives of men

Your Spirit came, we were born again

You’ve sent your Word to light our path

That we might know your will and plan

What can separate us from your love?

Shall tribulation, or things to come?

Can either death, or height, or depth

Or persecution, or distress?

Yet while we were sinners, Christ died for us

Oh, to know the love of God


111. Blessed Are Your Eyes


I speak to you in parables the mysteries of God

Blessed are your eyes that see

Blessed are your ears that hear

To know the Father, to know the Son

To know their name is one

Treasure it with all your heart

This precious pearl, do not depart


Look and listen, see and hear

Perceive and understand

Just what you’ve been given

How blessed you have been

The truth that has been granted you

The fullness of the Godhead

Blessed are your eyes that see

Blessed are your ears that hear


112. Choose You This Day


Choose you this day whom you will serve

YAHWEH your God, or the gods of this earth?

Choose life or death, blessing or curse

Fire or water, which will you choose?

Keep My commandments, obey My demands

Obey Me completely and inherit the land

I am YAHWEH-YASHA, your shield

I have nurtured you and watched your growth

Purify yourselves, put away your gods

Serve Me in sincerity and truth


113. Now Is The Appointed Time


Now is the appointed time, tomorrow may be too late

Now is the time of salvation

Now is the time of grace

Do not be a foolish virgin standing outside looking in

Keep your garment spotless from the ugly stain of sin

I gave you My instructions on tablets of rough stone

My finger wrote in fire

Take heed, I am God alone!


114. Lord Of Lords, King Of Kings


You were born in a manger, a carpenter’s son

Rejected and despised, smitten and crucified

A man of sorrows, who bore such grief and pain

With no charm or beauty

You were the lowest of all men


But you’ll come again in the clouds

Your feet will touch the Mount of Olives

In flaming fire, in glory and power

You’re coming to judge the nations

Like lightning from the east

You are coming like a thief

All creation will applaud you

YAHWEH, God of Israel

Lord of lords and King of kings


115. Obedience And Not Sacrifice


Obedience and not sacrifice

Is what I desire from My own

Search yourselves deep within your hearts

And obey the love I have shown

Don’t desert My ways serving other gods

Don’t reject My truth, I don’t ask for much

Just a tender heart that strives to obey Me


116. There Is No Peace Apart From His Path


There is no peace apart from His path

So let us keep ourselves from His wrath

Only if we continue to obey

Will YAHWEH-YASHA guide our way

So watch your step every day

Let His Word be the final say

Hold on tightly to your crown

There is no other way but down


117. Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God


Oh, seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all its righteousness

Do not put Me to the test

For you must do your best

You must love Me like you did at first

So ask and you’ll be given, seek and you will find

Knock and the door will be opened unto you

Do not worry about tomorrow

Let not your heart be troubled

For I stand at the door and knock

You must keep your love for Me hot


118. I Will Praise Him


I will praise Him from whom all blessings flow

I will praise Him and let the whole world know

He’s YAHWEH-YASHA, the Messiah!

At His name, all knees will fall

They’ll confess He is Lord of all

He will reign over one and all, He is King


119. Shout Fearlessly!


Shout fearlessly, Oh messenger of Zion

Go up onto a mountain

Shout as loud as you can

Proclaim to the world, “YAHWEH is God!”


Behold YAHWEH is coming with power

To rule with His mighty right arm

The Shepherd will gather His flock

And keep them safe from all harm


“Who is My equal?” says the Holy One

Lift up your eyes and see

Who has created all things?

Behold My power and majesty


He will lead His army in order

He will call them all by name

Mighty His power, great is His strength

Not one will be lost, not one will be maimed


‘Tho youths grow tired and weary

And the young stumble and fall

Those who hope in YAHWEH, regain their strength

He is YAHWEH-YASHA, Saviour of all


120. Have Faith, My Children


Have faith, My children

For without it you are nothing

Be strong in Me

For I will never leave you alone

Have faith, My children

I won’t forget you, I will be there

I’ll give you strength to make it

I’ll always love you and never let go




Give thanks to Him, for He is good

Bless the Lord, the God of gods

All who fear Him, give praise to Him

For His love is everlasting

May you be blessed, YAHWEH-YASHA

Praised and extolled forever

Blessed be your holy name

Exalted forever


Bless YAHWEH-YASHA, all creation

Bless YAHWEH-YASHA, heavens

Bless YAHWEH-YASHA, sun and moon

Bless YAHWEH-YASHA, rain and dew

Bless YAHWEH-YASHA, wind and fire

Bless YAHWEH-YASHA, rivers and seas

Bless YAHWEH-YASHA, mountains and hills

Bless YAHWEH-YASHA, everything


122. Taste And See


Taste and see that YAHWEH-YASHA’s good

How blessed are those who take refuge in Him

Fear YAHWEH-YASHA, you His holy ones

Those who fear Him lack for nothing

Let all who delight in His righteousness

Shout for joy and gladness

Constantly say, “Great is YAHWEH-YASHA!”

He has become our loving Saviour


123. I Am A Living Sacrifice


I am a living sacrifice

I won’t be bound by sin or vice

YAHWEH-YASHA has set me free

For He has given liberty

I will not dabble in sin

So I won’t get bound again

To be a living sacrifice

Means to deny this present life

So I’ll stay free, yes free indeed

This promise I will keep


124. How Blessed Are Those


How blessed are those who dwell in your house

Forever praising Thee

How blessed are those whose strength is

YAHWEH-YASHA, uprightly following Thee

One day in your courts is worth a thousand outside

The house of our God brings joy and peace inside

How blessed is the man who trusts in Thee

Making you his shield

YAHWEH-YASHA refuses nothing good

If we let our spirit yield

To keep a blameless life is so pleasing to Thee

YAHWEH-YASHA my God, please help me

How blessed are those who dwell in your house

Forever loving Thee


125. When Will My People Hear?


When will My people who’ve been called by My Name

Harken to My voice?  When will they hear?

When will My people who’ve been given My commands

Tremble at My Word? When will they fear?

Will they never learn, that My love they spurn?

I am patient and kind, just keep My laws in mind

I am coming for a people who will listen and hear

Follow and obey, tremble and fear


126. I Am With You


When you feel you’re all alone

And the world is closing in

Don’t fret, remember I am with you

When you feel you can’t go on

I’ll be there, I’ll make you strong

Remember that I am with you


Reach out to Me, I’m all you need

I’ll be your strength, your energy

Remember, yes remember, I am with you


I gave My life to set you free

And always remember I am with you


127. Oh Grave, Where Is Thy Victory?


Oh grave, where is thy victory?

Oh death, where is thy sting?

The sting of death is sin

It corrupts and stains within

But thank God for giving the victory

Through YAHWEH-YASHA, our Lord

So be firm and unmovable

Always abounding in strength

Being sure that in YAHWEH-YASHA

None of your labors are in vain


128. Teach Me To Worship


Father, teach me to worship

So that I may honor you

Break the bonds that hold me down

So my spirit might reach out to you

Let the praises flow so freely

From deep within my heart

May it be a worthy sacrifice


I want to give you all my love

To touch your face, Oh Lord

To please you is my heart’s desire

Until forevermore


129. Be Holy


Be holy, for I am holy

Do not be shaped by this world

Let your hearts be cleansed

And make every kingdom fall

Fear My ways, I see everything

Nothing’s hidden from My sight

Believe My Word

My commands won’t go undone

Let your fear of Me govern you

And be careful of what you say and do

Refrain yourselves from the flesh

And serve Me now in holiness

Be holy, for I am holy

Don’t let your hearts be deceived

Sin still separates

But the pure I will receive


130. Trust Me, I Am With You


Trust Me, I am with you, you are My beloved

Trust Me, I won’t let you down


Cast your cares upon Me

They only hold you down

I took care of you yesterday

I’ll take care of your tomorrow


Trust Me, My children

Do you know what that really means?

It means you depend on Me for each and everything

Totally rely on Me, that’s what I want from you

When things seem to be the worst

Don’t worry, I am with you


Trust the One who created you

Is there anything I cannot do?

What kind of God would I be to let you down in time of need?

I am not made of wood or stone, I hear your every prayer

Reach out your hands to Me

I am waiting to embrace you


131. I Will Sing Of Your Strength


And so I’ll sing of your strength

In the morning acclaim your faithful love

You’ve been a stronghold for me

A refuge when I was in trouble

My strength, I’ll make music for you

For my stronghold is YAHWEH-YASHA

The God who loves me faithfully

I keep my eyes fixed on you


132. Keeping My Eyes on YAHWEH-YASHA


Keeping my eyes on YAHWEH-YASHA

Following His wonderful way

Doing my best through trials and tests

Wanting you to be pleased with me

For without you where would I be?

May my heart be pleasing to you

Search me, cleanse me and show me the way

I will follow you all of my days


133. Follow Me To Victory


I know your future, I’ve seen your past

I’ve watched you follow through each hard task

I’ve given you eyes to discern My way

And ears to hear My voice

Now I say, follow Me to victory

You are My chosen bride

The path for you will be straight and true

For I’ll be walking by your side

So keep your eyes above, walk by faith and love

Stand firm, your harvest is near

Keep your hearts consecrated

My path for you is clear


134. The Eyes Of YAHWEH-YASHA


The eyes of YAHWEH-YASHA

Roam to and fro the earth

Searching for someone upright and pure

His ears hear their cry

His heart feels their pain

His arms reach out to them over and over again

Oh, who can grasp His ways?

Who can know His mind?

Who His burdens share?

Who will really care?

YAHWEH-YASHA, our Father

Our Saviour and King

We love you and serve you

To us you’re everything


135. When I Come Back Will I Find Faith?


When I come back will I find faith?

Will those who’ve been called finish the race?

You must continually pray

And never lose heart

Press on to the end and fear Me, your God

Will not justice be done to My elect

If they keep calling on Me all day and night?

Though I delay them My help

I promise, justice will come!


When I come back will I find faith?

Will those who’ve been called finish the race?

Through the good and the bad

Be determined to run

And very soon you will hear

Me say, “Well done”


136. First Fruit


I want to give you first fruit


The first fruit of my love

To make you first in everything


The first fruit of the morning

To help me through the day

The first fruit of my worship

To fill your ears with praise


I love you with all my heart

You’ve been so good to me

Your fruits you’ve given freely

Joy, peace and liberty


Please accept my offering

Of first fruit, YAHWEH-YASHA

You deserve nothing less

For us you gave your all


137. We Are In The Wilderness


We are in the wilderness

But in you we place our trust

Our faith is in our ‘YASHA’

They can’t take that away from us


You have shown us the Promised Land

And we long to enter in

We don’t want to be like Israel

Kept out because of doubt and sin


You made it possible through Calvary

All things are made anew

YAHWEH-YASHA, show us the way

We give our all to you


138.Fight For The Faith


When your fire’s dying down

When there’s no love left to be found

Get on your knees and fight for the faith


Without faith, the race is over

Without love, it can’t be run

Commit your lives to Me

Without faith, you are done

I hear your prayers but you must pray

Fight for the faith, fight on today

Don’t give up, “Well done” I will say


139. I Shall Look To The Hills


I shall look to the hills

From whence cometh my help

To YAHWEH-YASHA, the living God

Oh, where shall I go to seek the face of God?

To your holy mountain, the place where you dwell

I am just a sinner saved by your grace

Help me to love others, to show them the way

May I sow peace where there is hatred

Faith where there is despair

Hope where there is sorrow, joy everywhere!


140. I Praise Your Holy Name


YAHWEH-YASHA, I praise your holy name

Who but you can I depend on?

Every moment of my life is in your hands

My heart exalts in you, YAHWEH-YASHA

You’re my refuge when I’m weary

I shall run to you for safety

And shelter from life’s storms

You are my hope, my strength and joy

Keep me upright, pure and true

In your saving justice

Lead me on your path

It’s my desire to live for you

To reverence and adore you

And serve you all my life


141. One Touch Of The Master’s Hand


One touch of the Master’s hand gives me strength

To make it through this land

And when my faith is just beginning to dim

I turn to heaven and look to Him

Then He reaches down with one great touch

I feel renewed, His love I need so much

One touch of the Master’s hand

Revives my faith, I am determined to stand!


142. Look To Me, YAHWEH-YASHA


After so much traveling, weary and tired

Finding your strength revive

I never left your side

I am the Potter, you are the clay

Shaped and molded so your steps walk My way


Receive My correction

Don’t scorn My reproof

I must train whom I love

You are living proof


When the path seems rough

And the road seems long



143. Thank You For The Light


Father, I thank you for shining your light on me

You shined in my heart and made me see

The shame I caused your holy name

I thank you now for your love and care

For helping me to see my error

Now you say, “Seek My will and My ways

And you’ll find peace that’s unimagined”


144. Unto Me


Unto Me will a church be presented

Unto Me all shall stand before

Unto Me will all thoughts

And intentions be made known

Unto Me I shall call My own


From My throne on high I see all mankind

All who dwell on the earth

But those who fear My Word

And believe what I say

Are those who will reign with Me some day


Unto Me shall a people be called

By My name

Unto Me will the upright be redeemed

Unto Me shall the pure come

To know eternal life

Unto Me I shall take My bride


145. Unto You This Day


Unto you this day is born a Saviour


His name shall be called the Mighty God

Everlasting Father


YAHWEH-YASHA, you laid down your life

YAHWEH-YASHA, your blood was shed

YAHWEH-YASHA, your body was broken

YAHWEH-YASHA, you rose from the dead


Seek YAHWEH-YASHA while He is near

Call on Him while He will hear

The day is coming when men will pray

But that day will be too late


146. You Are My Saviour


You are my Saviour

You are the King of kings

You are my Saviour

Unto you my heart will sing

YAHWEH-YASHA, how great and mighty you are

Your name is to be praised both near and far

What precious love was shown

When you came as a babe

You are my Saviour, YAHWEH-YASHA


147. There Is Nothing Too Hard For Me


Now when trials come into your life

Don’t let them shake you up or cause you strife

Just trust Me, stand still and see the power of My might

For there is nothing too hard for Me


There is nothing too hard for Me

There is nothing too hard for Me

Just believe and you will see My name glorified

For there is nothing too hard for Me


148. What You Have Created Is Perfect


What you have created is perfect

The sun, the moon and the stars

All hang in perfect balance

YAHWEH-YASHA, how marvelous you are!


Your love is so perfect, YAHWEH-YASHA

It’s for all who seek your face

You want us to be holy and trusting

So we can finish the race


I’ll never be perfect, each day is a struggle for me

But I have your Holy Spirit, so I can live victoriously


My eyes are on a home in heaven

Where everything is perfect, you see

To behold the King in His glory

To worship Him eternally


149. Is There Anything Too Hard For Me?


If you span the highest mountain, I am there

If you search the deepest ocean, I am there

With heaven My throne, the earth far below

Is there anything too hard for Me?

I am YAHWEH-YASHA, from eternity I am

No one shall ever pluck you from My hand

Your hairs are numbered

Your thoughts I perceive

Is there anything too hard for Me?

In My name blind eyes shall open

The deaf shall hear

The lame shall leap

The dead shall rise again

I formed the human body from dust and clay

Is there anything too hard for Me?


150. I Must Dedicate My Life To You


I want to grow in you, YAHWEH-YASHA

I need your power every day

I know I must dedicate my life to you

In a more consistent way

I need your Word to make a change in me

I want to touch you, Lord, I need Thee

Help me to see my heartfelt need

To dedicate my life to you


When temptations come, YAHWEH-YASHA

I need the strength to pass the test

I want to discipline my life, Oh Lord

Help me give you my very best

Please convict my heart and let me see

That all you want is all of me

Help me to see my heartfelt need

To dedicate my life to you


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